Anti Social Tour | Roddy Ricch

Dope 📸 🎥 by @shotbymello another blessing about my line of work is that we get captured by dope photographers and digital content creators on the road 💯 I appreciate the love and sending content through


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  1. Alaysia A
    September 28, 2020 / 4:04 am

    I never really had a set person I listened too… I mean half of the time I wouldn’t even pay attention to who was singing the song because I just felt as if I was hearing the same music if that makes since but let me get to my point every since I heard “Can’t Express ” a long time ago when I first discovered Roddy Ricch it gave me a different type of vibee idk it’s so weird to me lol because I felt like didn’t nobodyyyy UNDERSTAND ME and actually hearing someone going through the same shit is wild asf but I love what he stands up for and how he tries to help his people become better! I see’s that… hearing his music I know I’m not alone and for that I will always listen -Alaysia

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